Louise Carron Harris - Medicine Woman - Shaman, teacher, author, storyteller

Welcome, Dreamers, Builders & Architects of the New Earth.
We are the Medicine of these times.
Bring your Codes, Dreams, and Healing and step in.


Salamander Courses


Heron Work with Me

“Louise is a remarkable teacher. She brings no ego, just love, teaching with absolute integrity. Always sharing her own life lessons.” – Sarah


Medicine Wheel Training,
Sacred leadership,
Shamanic Sunrise Journaling,
144 Aligned Abundance Codes for a New Earth

“You will not meet a more genuine person, full to bursting with love for everything & everyone” – Louise



Shamanic Mentor, Coaching & Healing.

“There really aren’t the words to describe what a profound positive change the healing has made to my life” – Laura

“The progress we made was astounding. I’ve had counselling in the past and left every session of that feeling sad and depressed, but after every session with you I felt uplifted and inspired” – Lilly

“Lou guides you to re-discover yourself, holds your hand if you are scared to jump, supports you every step of the way. Teaches you to believe… in yourself and in life” – Jo

Work with Me


Earth Chakra Shaman & Awakening of the Western Woman


“Powerfully, vulnerable and inspiring…”

“Raw, honest, open, hilarious, heart-breaking and mind-altering…”

“Wow, totally immersed… I could not put this book down.”

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Medicine Dance, Sacred Journeys to the Earth Chakras & Sacred Sites, Events, Festivals, Retreats, Ceremonies

Experiences, wrapped in stories, music, energy and activations that expand your heart, your soul and give back to the earth.  Medicine dances, ceremonies, events, storytelling, shows, festivals, retreats, sacred circles, sacred journeys across the world and much more.

“You made me believe in miracles”

“This was honestly the most profound experience I have ever had in my life”

“Thank you for showing us the magic within us and living it yourself. Thank you thank you thank you!”

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