About Me

We are the medicine people of our time. Each and everyone of us has a journey to take and dreams to activate.


I Teach ancient ways for a new Earth, in a playful, passionate and powerful way, through inspirational experiences and courses.

If you who know you are here for a purpose if you’re ready to cultivate the courage and show up as your true authentic self, to discover your hidden gifts, your superpowers, your medicine… then I am your teacher!

If you feel the stirring for ‘something’ you don’t know, but do know you are here to help others, then I am your teacher!

My role is to shine a light on your path, to connect you deeper to yourself,  to your personal power.

You will alchemise old wounds into gold, learn powerful tools such as shamanic and reiki healing, journaling, meditation, journaling, sacred and so much more.

You will awaken new levels of compassion, caring, and co-creating a life, bringing harmony to all that is out of balance so you can create strong relationships with yourself, others and the universe!

I teach you a way of thinking, feeling and being that will assist as you navigate your life journey f growth and evolution for the rest of your life.  We make the impossible possible, we see the unseen, and create powerful manifestations with clean intention and integrity.

Through learning shamanic healing tools, sitting in a sacred circle,  you will find the support and connect to your own unique medicine,  and guide you as you learn to share that with the world.


My medicine comes from my connection with the four elements, the spirit worlds and the mountain spirits, that lead me on callings to sacred sites to activate the Earth’s grid. This is part of the consciousness shift and many are called to do this work.

I am initiated into the Inca Q’ero lineage in Peru. I carry the medicine of the 7 Earth chakras and share this with you through activations, healings and meditations, courses, retreats, and journeys to sacred sites.

I am my medicine, I am here to awaken yours.