Earth Chakras

Between 2016 and 2018 I was divinely called to each of the 7 chakras of the earth (as well as many other sacred sites) to perform ceremony and code activations for the evolution of the planet, ready for the The Age of Aquarius. 
My story holds the medicine of the New Earth, it's a story of devotion, wonder, miracles and wisdom. May it inspire you to take your authentic place on this planet, to listen to the earth and answer her unique calling for you.
Love, Louise

“Respond to every call that excites your spirit. Ignore those that make you fearful and sad, that degrade you back toward disease and death.” ~ Rumi

“Whatever you do let is be an expression of your Highest Purpose, let it be individual – something uniquely yours, let it be creative, and may you do it with absolute joy and with Thankfulness for the Earth, and All life upon it” – Robert Coon

The Earth is alive!

Like us, Gaia has an energetic anatomy, she has seven major chakras, one on each continent of the Earth.

Within her sacred mountains, lakes and lands are spinning spheres of life – earth chakras, which vibrate the spiritual, physical and emotional energy of the Earth.

These earth chakras are:

  • Base chakra – Mount Shasta – USA
  • Sacral chakra – Lake Titicaca – Peru
  • Solar plexus chakra – Uluru/Kata-Tjuta – Australia
  • Heart chakra – Glastonbury Tor – UK
  • Throat chakra – The Great Pyramids – Egypt
  • Third eye chakra* – Shaftesbury/Glastonbury – UK
  • Crown chakra – Mount Kailash – Tibet

*The third eye chakra is the only earth chakra that moves with each age. It is also called the aeon activation centre. Two thousand years ago, the aeon activation centre resided in Jerusalem at the Age of Pisces. In the 1960s, it moved to Glastonbury/Shaftesbury for the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

From my second book: Earth Chakra Shaman

‘It takes approximately 100 years for the ‘ages’ to fully establish themselves, so it will be approximately 2065 when the Age of Aquarius is fully activated. Therefore, these times are like a bridge between the two ages.

The health of these chakras reflects the wellbeing of the whole and we all play a part in what we will bring into this new age and what we will leave behind. In the Age of Pisces, we learned about religion and compassion, but the shadow side of this led to destruction of Indigenous cultures all around the world and abuse of religious power. The Age of Aquarius is about communication and technology. Can we bring harmony with the spirit and science of this new age? It is down to us to decide what we bring with us and what we leave behind.

The Rainbow Serpent and the Plumed Serpent are the main energy lines that flow through the earth grid connecting the main chakras in an infinity sign, activating information between the chakras for regeneration of the Earth. Both have their own mysteries and magic to reveal.

Take a deep breath, a sacred breath, a breath of innocence, wonder and deep knowing. We are all part of this earth. We all have a role to play. All we need to do is listen. Listen to the aliveness of our Great Mother’

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“Your journey gave me goosebumps, brought giddy excitement and tears of joy & relief. I feel the call to nature deeply like you are sounding a horn… Thank you Louise, Guinevere, Earth Chakra Shaman”


“I first stumbled across Louise’s work with Awakening of the Western Woman, which really resonated with me.
Another amazing book that I wasn’t able to put down is her new book ‘Earth Chakra Shaman’. It really reminded me of the beauty in the universe and that nothing is a ‘Coincidence’… Every thing happens for a reason.”

“The book is a sincerly awesome true story of family, bravery, courage and living your purpose. I honestly believe this is a book for our time, a wake up call to those sleeping and a cheerleader for those on the path already.”


“I could feel the energy vibrating from the pages when I read the activations throughout each Chakra”


“This book left me full of hope, inspired to want to make my own difference in the world”


“The story is so full of wisdom and magic for us all, and I have no doubt this is a book I will go back to many times in the future”

Robert Coon Earth Chakras

My call to the earths chakras began before I knew what an Earth Chakra was! The divine call called me to them and only after did I begin to learn the deeper “knowledge” of what they were and where this term came from.

There is someone very important who must be acknowledged here:

Robert Coon– the man who brought this very very very complex and beautiful wisdom of the EARTH CHAKRAS to the world.

I learn to trust in that divine call,  and it was wonderful to see how that then matched with that all of Robert Coons books. My intuitive, innocent and wondrous call was right… and now I have studies and am still studying his work its safe too say,  this man is a genius,  or maybe that he is just deeply connected to the earth, and listens to her and delivers the knowledge with integrity.

Since 2020, I have noticed a trend to reproduce his work on social media (without referencing it) and adapt it to simplify it (especially the third eye chakra work for  it to make ‘more logical’ sense. Roberts work is so remarkable and deep and complex that i would tell you, my story is the call which shares the miracles and the wonder. but Roberts books are the core of this work and hold vital information for us all for the next 40 years.

Robert Coon is an immortal, finding him is near impossible, yet somehow I feel his presence now more than ever. If you’re lucky enough to bump into him on your travels, please send  him my love. I am told you will recognise him from his sparkly eyes!

Robert Coon, a mystic and futurist, coined the phrase “earth chakras” in 1967.

There are no references to “earth chakras” before 1967…

Robert Coon has communicated this Earth Chakra information for over 50 years now. 2027 will be the 60th anniversary since the dynamic Planetary Earth Chakra Structure was first communicated on 1 July 1967.