Retreats and Pilgrimages

I see the grid workers rising,
I love how you respond to the call, 
I see your innocence your purity
I honour your devotion to the call. 

You follow your heart with courage, 
You listen to the water, fire and air
You follow the call of Gaia 
Thank you, for your love and care 

The Earth is a living Entity, and she calls you, her grid workers and earth walkers, to her chakras, sacred sites, gates, and portals. This is your unique opportunity to bring forth the codes of the New Earth with a group of people; a soul reunion for this very activation – take your place. 

For a decade, I have been guiding transformative retreats and pilgrimages. These are not just journeys for your soul, but also for the EarthAs we immerse ourselves in the Earth’s sacred energies, we partake in profound ceremonies, sing, dance, and deeply honour. 

 These retreats are designed specifically for you, the grid workers, the new earth builders, architects, and dreamers. These are not just journeys, but awakenings—luminous beings, rainbow beings, children of the sun. It’s time to remember who you are and where you came from. 

Bring your codes and your soul song to the Earth’s gird. Let’s walk together.  

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Egypt 2024

Egypt October /November 2024 Earth Grid Activation Journey  Feel the profound call of Egypt, a place where the spiritual and physical worlds intertwine. It’s a feeling that resonates deep within, an inexplicable knowing that this journey is a calling from far beyond the veils of time.

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Peru 2025

Peru Sacred Journey 2025 Earth Chakra – Sacral Chakra Plumed Serpent & Rainbow Serpent 

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