Egypt 2024

Egypt October /November 2024 Earth Grid Activation Journey

Egypt October /November 2024 Earth Grid Activation Journey 

Feel the profound call of Egypt, a place where the spiritual and physical worlds intertwine. It’s a feeling that resonates deep within, an inexplicable knowing that this journey is a calling from far beyond the veils of time.

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Part 1 – 23rd – 28th October 2024
Deep into the Desert and Oasis. purify, mystify and energise with Sacred Waters Activations

Deep past the western desert on the border of Libya is a soul calling for a deep retreat with a sense of adventure into the mysteries of the Oasis; this is where the journey begins for many of you as a need to drop away from the busy world and access simplicity and purity—this is not a grid activation but a reminder of your water connection, to peace, and purity. We will be travelling with my bedouin brother Etman who loves Siaw. Each time I go to Egypt, he says, “We have to go to Siwa,” and so it is…

Pyramids to Mt Sinai

The call to Egypt is one across the lands. From the pyramids to the mountain, the throat chakra of the earth, you will listen deeply to the messages and guidance and sing the song of your soul for your ancestors, for yourself and for the children yet to come.

Part 2  –  28th – 30th October 2024
Cairo, Giza. Pyramids & Sakkara Temples – Throat Chakra of the Earth – Galactic Activation

This pilgrimage begins in Cairo where you will visit not only the pyramids and the Sphinx and enjoy a beautiful lunch with like-minded grid working souls but we will also go to sacred Saqqara to feel the medicine of the alabaster of the lands and the tombs of the ancient ones.

Mt Sinai 
Part 3 – 30th October  – 5th November  
Mt Sinai pilgrimage – Throat Chakra of the Earth – Grid Activation – Samhain / New Moon

We will then travel by bus across the lands to Mount Sinai where we will be welcomed by our Bedouin family. There’ll be a rest day where you will feel the power of the mountains all around us and will be nurtured in the Bedouin camp; this is a real chill place. 

It’s often hard to do anything other than sit and meditate… the mountains will call you to be still before we begin our trek up the sacred Mount Sinai where we will sleep under the stars, step into ceremony, make offerings, sing to our ancestors and wake to the morning sun.

Mostly we will surrender to how the grid is calling us beyond expectation and into the unknown

We we will welcome Samhain on the 31st by singing to our ancestors and activating the Earth’s grid on holy Mount Sinai for the New Moon in Scorpio. In these times, this activation is significant for the whole of the throat chakra lands. We are called to listen to Gaia, for she speaks her Will and how we participate in the healing and activations for these times.

At this time when the veils are thin between the worlds, our ancestors can guide us. This journey is an opportunity for communication, a chance for them to inspire us to be better ancestors ourselves, leaving a legacy that activates the new earth grid within and without.

The trip will end with a night in Dahab where we can wash ourselves in the sea. For many, you might want to stay on for a longer period here, for others you may be called to other adventures or to journey home.

So, are you saying YES?