A gift for my students

I wanted to say thank you…

For jumping on the ‘Lou train’ at some point in these past 7 years I’ve been teaching Reiki…  (and shamanic reiki)
For showing up to learn and grow, for having the courage to connect to the unknown, to the reiki/love/ the universe…

 I see the warriors of the light who are awakening, the warriors who are rising and the warriors who are returning to take their place as guides, as the Rainbow bridge in the darkness.

You are holding the frequencies of love.
The earth has turned
…to the age of Aquarius.

Here is an activation that you can always return to like super boost for these times.


(please do not share this with anyone else)

I’d love yo hear how you get on. keep me updated on your journeys and all the love to you for 2021


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