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Planetary Activation for a New Earth

The Great Grid of Gaia – Planetary Activation for a New Earth

My 60 minute solo performance is an experiential mix of storytelling, teaching, meditation, energy activation, ceremony and active participation.

I weave frequency music (based on the frequency of each Earth Chakra) to create an ambiance and assist the audience in their experience, feeling the energy and activations for the dreaming of a New Earth.

The talk is created to welcome all people in learning about and connecting with the Earth’s Chakras and sacred sites on the Earth’s Grid. It is designed to activate, inspire and empower people in participating in planetary healing for the age of Aquarius. 

I will touch on the importance of our individual unique frequency and how we can offer our gifts and wisdoms as part of the planetary evolution and how we evolve individually and globally through our connection with the Grid of Gaia. 

The audience will go away feeling energised and empowered in the knowledge that they can participate in the dreaming, creating and building of the New Earth, by connecting with their own personal call to the sacred sites and lands on the Earth’s Grid. 

Louise Carron Harris, Author of Earth Chakra Shaman &
Awakening of the Western Woman, is a medicine woman, teacher and a planetary grid activator.

Between 2016 and 2018, Louise was divinely called to pilgrimage to each of the 7 chakras of the earth (as well as many other sacred sites) to perform ceremony and code activations for the evolution of the planet, ready for the The Age of Aquarius.

Her story is one of devotion, wonder, miracles and wisdom that will inspire you to take your own authentic place on this planet, to listen to the earth and answer her unique calling for you.

Louise brings her medicine, codes and teachings from the Earth’s Grid and shares how to become a caretaker, Earth Grid activator, and a portal for these times of human and planetary evolution. 

Louise reminds us that Gaia is alive, that she has a network of chakras and energy lines that we can all connect to, to download and upload codes for the dreaming and building of a New Earth. 

Learn how to experience the frequency pulse of the Earth and participate in a group activation to receive healing activations from all 7 chakras of the Earth.

Louise’s story and teachings, will inspire you to hear your own calling.   

There is no more important time than now to understand the great Grid of Gaia. To know how to work with her chakras and energy, not only for your own evolution but for planetary evolution as we move into the Age of Aquarius.  

Like you and me, Gaia has a network of energy lines, arteries and chakras. The chakras are on sacred sites, holy mountains and waters all across the lands. Our ancestors knew of these energy centres, and would pilgrimage to these power spots to receive downloads, messages and activations.

There are 7 major chakras, one on each continent and 56 planetary gateways, all connected through 2 major energy lines known as the Rainbow and the Plumed Serpent. 

Here, in England, we are Guardians of not only the planetary Heart Chakra in Glastonbury. We are also guardians of the moving chakra, the Third Eye Chakra (connecting Glastonbury, Shaftesbury and the old Wessex sacred sites)  which holds the energies of the new age of Aquarius (it will be with us until 2060 before it moves on). Now is the time to connect with the lands and take your place. 

We are part of this Nature Network. The connection between humans and the Grid of Gaia is the union that is imperative to the health of her chakras and the heath of the planet.

Your journey itself to this festival is indeed a pilgrimage and will bring great gifts in your own evolution – your growth is your own medicine. And that is your gift to the world: your own evolution.

Love Louise x

Many prophecies of the ancients speak of this time, of the great collapse, the ‘Great Pachakuti’,  the ‘Great Turning’.

While the structures of the old ages fall, everyday humans with pure hearts and soul medicine are listening to the call of the lands, calling them to connect and activate the grid and participate in weaving and dreaming of a New Earth – where all beings thrive in harmony with the great mother. 

Remember what has been forgotten and claim your birthright to be a part of the Earth’s Grid.

Take your place in the building of a New Earth. 

If you are called to this event, then you have responded to the first of many calls.