21 Days – Shamanic Reiki

21 Days of Self-Healing Shamanic Reiki Energy Medicine

Feeling absolute freedom during these 21 days was amazingly beautiful, no rules or regulations just following the heart. Lou, Never stop doing what you are doing.You are empowering so many people. A deep thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Paula


This is a foundational, introductory online course which includes your Shamanic Reiki Level 1 attunement as well as 21 daily emails with wisdom, meditations, guidance & music to teach you how to confidently make shamanic reiki a way of life, to heal yourself and your family.

Shamanic reiki is the main tool in my medicine box. I can’t imagine my life without this powerful connection to the source light. I use it every day, in everything… healing, mind, body and spirit.

For manifestation and to awaken to the powers within us, we must also honour the unraveling of the mind, so we become mindful of how we speak, how we create and how we dream our lives into being, both in our individual life and in the collective conscious.

This 21 day course will guide you to open your mind to the ways in which you show up in the world.

The way you created this course is awesome, so clever, it feels like my treat at the end of the day, a bit like an advent calendar and it just worked so well! I feel like the Reiki light is flowing freely through me again. My cells feel awakened and I feel able to give back to all around me even more now – Sophia