Medicine Wheel – Sacred Leadership Programme

Ancient ways for New Earth Leadership.

A 12-month programme that begins in March 2022

Divine sacred feminine leaders know it’s their energy, their stories, their healing, their wisdom,  their relationship with Gaia & Great Spirit and the relationship with themselves that’s their medicine. 

This Medicine Wheel is for the storytellers, the healers, the writers, the mothers, the teachers, the artists, the stewards of the lands, the new leaders in business,  enterprise, education, law, science and spirituality.


Are you hearing the call to deepen your medicine, to cultivate the courage to share, create and to lead?  To say YES to soul service, to aligned abundance, to love, unity, joy, ceremony and freedom?

Your medicine is who you came here to be.
The world needs your medicine woman.  


The Sacred Leadership Medicine Wheel is a deep journey of ancient wisdoms for a New Earth. One of understanding and honouring your own path, purpose, personal power and unique medicine.

You will take your place within a small group of 12 women for 12 months. The journey is in 4 parts; 4 directions, 4 elements, 4 archetypes and 13 Medicine stones for your Medicine bundle – Your mesa.

We will begin in the south. Spring.  The element of water.  You will begin unravelling who you once were, shedding the old so you can step into the new. Newness, flow, new insights, perspectives & possibilities.

In the west, Summertime,  go deep within and excavating the gold that has been waiting for you. See the parts of yourself you had left behind, the parts of you that are ready to return, to be healed and nurtured. This is a time for growing, nurturing and enjoying the fruits of seeds to plant, tending to your inner garden and mastering your energy.

In the North, as we head into our winter,  you will begin to connect into your calling. Hear the stories of the ancestors, hear the call of the soul, the heroes journey, the path of co-creation, aligned abundance, making the impossible possible,  listening to the winds and singing your soul song.

In the East in the darkness of winter, you step into the great fires of transformation, you will go on a deep vision quest within and prepare for the drawing of a new day as spring returns beginning a new chapter for the New Earth


2021/2022 is the time of the sacred warrior and way-showers. We are all called to embody what it is to lead in a sacred way within our communities, organisations and within our own families.

  • Cultivate the courage to follow your souls call.
  • Learn how to deeply connect and flow with the divine plan
  • Go deep into who you are and why you are here and your own unique medicine.
  • Walk the shamanic path, remember the old ways of creating a future for the generations yet to come
  • Connect deeper with the living energy of the earth and the universe
  • Step into the unknown, be comfortable with the uncomfortable and grow beyond your limiting beliefs.
  • Become a strong and influential leader, Take your place, leading with integrity and wisdom to create a better world for all

On the Medicine wheel journey of sacred leadership You will learn:

*Shamanic healing and energy medicine practices *Sacred Ceremony * Journeying through the 4 directions *Shamanic journeying *Shadow work *Manifesting *Aligned Abundance *Conscious Awareness *Working with Animal & Plant spirits *Working with spirit guides  *Earth Consciousness *Cosmic Consciousness * Ancestral healing & guidance *Storytelling * Meditations *Sacred leadership *Working with the elements *Altars *Learning how to connect to the living energy *Sharing sacred activations and code upgrades  *Growing your own medicine mesa *Energy Activations & Attunements *Connection and work with Gaias Grids and the earth chakras.

I’m grateful to you for creating so many spaces for me to step into. As a result, my practice has never been so regular, and I’ve never felt so connected to myself or the light. I also feel like I’m just on the threshold and there is more I can and will do. You are awesome, we are awesome, our tribe is awesome! – Luke

“The first step in creating change, then, is to receive a vision that feels true. The second step is to heal the wounds and doubts that that vision illuminates. Without doing that, we will be conflicted, simultaneously enacting both the new story and the old one that accompanies the wounds. The thirst step is to bow into service to that which wants to be born. This process is not linear. Usually, the vision comes more and more into focus as we heal the doubts that obscure it; that, in turn, brings up new dimensions of the vision along with deeper wounds. The path of service is a path of self-realization.’
Charles Eisenstein  – ‘A more beautiful world our hearts know is possible’

Uniquely the core of this Medicine Wheel will be the personal development and alignment with the energy medicine of the Earth Chakras, the 4 Directions and the and 4 Elements.

WE are OUR medicine. Our life, our relationships with ourselves, with others and with the earth is our responsibility. How we show up in the world, is a reflection of the personal work we do and the legacy we leave behind.

This course really is only for those who have a deep knowing they are here to give back to the world and are willing to humbly take their place as earth protectors and holders of the earth chakra medicine.

This is a 12-month group that will include:

2 x 2-hour medicine circles per month – (Term Time) 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month between 7- 9 pm
4 x group whole day ceremony gatherings a year in person – (or online if lockdown is happening dates TBC !)
12 x Recorded Shamanic Meditations (once a month)
FULL online course with weekly teachings, ceremonies, activations and healing modalities teaching
….and continuous weekly connection & interactions within the small group of 12 on a private platform
Your own ceremonies and healing swaps with members of your tribe will be on the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month (term time).

Medicine circles combine sacred circles, shamanic teachings, guidance, wisdom and journeying alongside a chance for questions and answers and any group healings that are required to take place.

These sessions will be aligned with the earth chakras, the seasons and cycles of the earth and the group, honouring what comes up and what needs to be seen in these changing times.

You will be awakening your own medicine and your medicine tools – your Mesa, a shamanic medicine alter which you will grow throughout the year, 13 ceremonies for each medicine stone.

You will learn how to self analyse and track where issues are coming from by leaning into a greater understanding of self. Finding a new ability to surf challenges and the waves of change with a new perspective. Developing a more grounded way of navigating the outcome with wisdom and healing. Deep diving into the shadow of our consciousness.

You will learn how to bring a deeper level of consciousness into all your relationships, creating better bonds with parents, children, friends and community. Learning how to heal dynamics and how to consciously listen and communicate to create a more understanding world. You will learn about space holding and healing of others. How to observe, listen and hold space for others while they navigate their own healing journey.

You will learn to trust in the flow as you align with your truth. Your ability to co-create and manifest the abundance you need to show up in this world will become more and more effortless.

You will learn how to hold very sacred space, to be the calm in the storm, to access your inner wisdom, to heal yourself and others.  healing yourself and others and being willing to wholly and deeply give and receive from others.

This course is a soul reminder for you of your mission, your reason for being here and a deep honouring of yourself.

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