Monthly Medicine Dance

Medicine dance is every 3rd Friday of the Month
8pm - 10pm @ The Wellness Barn, Marlow, SL7 3RD.

My Medicine Dance sets are a deep shamanic journey, a fusion of music from all genres, from tribal to trance, from folk to funky house, from drum and bass to dancehall, meditative to Medicine.

I interweave my medicine through my energy, words and prayers through the set, transporting you into a profound ceremony of healing, bringing tears, laugher, joy, liberation, insights and wisdom.

Not only is the Dance a great healing and upgrade for our soul; It’s for our ancestors and the ones yet to come. It’s our prayer, for peace, for the world.

Since 2018, I have held Medicine Dance Journeys in sacred sites, mountains, in the desert, in the wild, in the woods, at retreats and festivals and in halls, houses, studios and even zoom events!



We gather at 8pm in circle, for wisdoms, teaching,  sharing and connecting to the theme of the Dance followed by a cup of ceremonial cacao and meditation before the dance begins.

Following the dance, there will be a chance to share and connect before we set off with our newfound vibrations and activations.

Ever since I can remember, I have had a profound relationship with music. I can feel what music is medicine, I can feel how it changes people, what is the right vibrations for healing, and most important, I have learned how truly listen to spirit , to the energies of the time and track in what medicine needs to be received when crafting the sets.

Our world (inside and out) is undergoing massive shifts and humanity is going though a great evolution.The shamans in Peru call this the ‘the great tuning’.  We are entering a new Aeon, a new age and our consciousness is rising. All that no longer serves the earth is falling away and all that is in balance and harmony is emerging through us.   These dances are part of our energy upgrades for these times. They are a call of great spirt, to Mother Earth. When I step out of the way, the medicine comes through me, bringing energies that aligning with your own transformation and the healing. And we dance, for we are The New Earth.

 By experiencing these dances, you will witness my profound passion and dedication to bringing healing through the highest timeline.. and my service to you.