Shamanic Sunrise Journaling

"Sunrise Journaling is an empowering and transformative space in which one gets to experience connection to self and Spirit."- Angie

There’s a true magic held within the space that Lou offers in this journaling group.  The semi conscious state I find my self in at this time of the day, coupled with the fantastically curious questions and gems of wisdom, creates the perfect conditions for some deep diving into my soul.  Want to have a conversation with your very essence? Join this community of beautiful souls- .  Rachel 

Journaling is hands down one of the best personal development tools you can have, its the gateway to your own truth.

Join me every month in this warm and welcoming shamanic journaling & meditation zoom circle. Grab a cup of tea and curl up in your PJs, settle in for a glorious deep dive into the wisdoms and guidance you need for your month ahead.

I love love love holding this space, its always different, deep, profound and utterly transformational.  You’ll learn a lot about yourself and you’ll find the confidence to make journaling a way of life.

Each day we begin the practice with an oracle card reading and a shamanic meditation. I track in unique and fresh questions from my spirit guides so the questions are always in alignment with the seasons and the times we are in.

At the end of each session some people choose to hang out for 10 minutes, share if they feel willing and ask questions, while others head off to start their day.


I love holding monthly journaling, its laid back and relaxed, but so deep. I am always in my PJ’s with messy hair, there are no ‘airs and graces’ and my husband often joins us and we all journal together! Sometimes newbies keep their screen off, but generally most new people feel comfortable enough by the end of the week to be on screen because its so real and so comfortable.

There is no judgment here, you will be held in this safe circle so you can deep dive into whats going on inside and how to access that inner wisdom and guidance. ‘Its all within’.

I have set up a community space for anyone who subscribes monthly or annually where you can  share any ah-has or wins of the week. I will post reminders to check in with your wisdoms, stay on track and connected if you need.

Each round of Shamanic Sunrise Journaling consists of 5 x 45-minute sunrise journaling sessions at 6:15am GMT via Zoom.  (we often have people from outside the uk on different time zones, all are welcome)

Its been awesome. I believe some of it comes from the questions. But I also feel that your presence and energy just creates change. Its like stepping into a field where I feel loved and held and the truth immediately starts bubbling to the surface.