Shamanic Sunrise Journaling

Grab a cup of tea and curl up in your PJs for this awesome 45 minute morning practice of journaling, meditation and a sacred deep dive into your self.

Sunrise Journaling is a profound and utterly transformational week that will leave you with wisdom and awakening.

You’ll learn a lot about yourself and you’ll find the confidence to make journaling a way of life.

Journaling is hands down one of the best personal development tools you can have, its the gateway to your own truth.

This course is designed to give you space and questions to help you go deeper into the answers you are seeking.

There is no judgment here, you will be held in this safe circle so you can deep dive into whats going on inside and how to access that inner wisdom and guidance. ‘Its all within’.

Each round of Shamanic Sunrise Journaling consists of 5 x 45-minute sunrise journaling sessions at 6:15am GMT via Zoom.

Below is feedback from a participant who has been inside a couple of my journaling groups:

I joined the last journaling course because I’d been looking for structure at the start of my day and time for myself. I’m now doing that on my own and it feels brilliant. Like bringing some gentle rhythm to my creativity. So I joined the second one because I wanted to be connected to the tribe and the space that you create. I’m really noticing the distinction between doing it on my own and the greater depths we go to on the call together. Just thinking about the self journalling vs journalling with the course. This week has been powerful. So much has come up I’m going to need to go back and pick up each piece to work with. Its been awesome. I believe some of it comes from the questions. But I also feel that your presence and energy just creates change. Its like stepping into a field where I feel loved and held and the truth immediately starts bubbling to the surface.